Our Values and Principles

The Values of Inclusion emphasises universal rights and needs - all means all - and places the responsibility on the whole of society to make this possible.

  • Everyone needs to be with other people and be a part of everyday connections and relationships.
  • Everyone is ready to be part of community now - people do not need to be 'made ready'.
  • Everyone needs support of some kind in their lives; some just need more than others.
  • Everyone has gifts and capabilities and we start with what people can do, and value their contributions, rather than starting with what people can't do.
  • Inclusion celebrates difference and welcomes diversity, it does not seek to ignore differences or 'make everyone the same'.
  • Communities are better places for all to live in when people who historically were segregated into 'special services' are re-connected to the mainstream of everyday life.
  • The Principle of Person Centred Planning which places the person at the centre of service design and delivery is the foundation of our organisation.
  • Circles of Support are used as a model of decision making.